Relative Trajectories: Purple - Yellow - Green, Screen Print on paper, 30x30cm. Printed in an edition of 15.

Duncan Bullen

    Research output: Non-textual outputExhibition


    Relative Trajectories is the first limited edition print project curated by Saturation Point, since its inception in 2014. The aims of Saturation Point are to examine and contextualize the work of systems, reductive and non-objective artists working in the UK, within the broader context of contemporary British abstraction.

    The print made by invitation for the Relative Trajectories folio and the public exhibition at Angus Hughes Gallery, London is an original screen print, which builds on previous research - Chromatic Fields 2012 and more recent drawings - In Line 2017. The print, develops work that is distinctive by the gradual build up of drawn points through a highly process and reductive methodology that involves research through drawing, colour tests, the construction of a template to aid the placement of the minutiae of manually drawn coloured marks and screen printing processes.

    The resulting work hovers on the edge of visibility, yet viewed from up close each drawn point, each individual mark is visible as a small action, stepping back from the drawing each separate mark dissolves in our field of vision. This artistic research aims through material practices to join hand, eye and mind in order to explore optical transformation and visual liminality. This is achieved through the interaction of colour construction and perception, yet, equally and crucially the work also explores the visceral as much as the visual, touch as much as sight. The confluence of the immediacy of the hand drawn and the necessity of a separate substrate characteristic of all mechanical print production allows for the multiplication of image as an edition.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationAngus Hughes Gallery, London UK
    PublisherSaturation Point
    Publication statusPublished - 13 Jul 2018

    Bibliographical note

    Duncan Bullen is Deputy Head of the School of Art at the University of Brighton. Where he has responsibility for overseeing research and enterprise. Bullen’s research interests are grounded in the materiality of drawing. Working from a pragmatic - phenomenological perspective, his research activities encompass manual practices as a means of exploring illusionary space, sensory perception, embodied presence and mindful awareness. His practice led research has a comparative context referencing theory about drawing from the West and the East and proposes an alignment of artistic practice with mindfulness meditation.


    • Abstraction,
    • Drawing
    • Printmaking
    • Colour Interaction
    • Perception
    • Optical
    • Reductive Art
    • Systems Art
    • illusionary space


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