Patricia Prieto Blanco

Research output: Non-textual outputDigital or Visual Products


In times of mass communication and globalization there is no need in visiting a place to get an idea of it. Thus most people have a notion of global cities like New York or Barcelona although they never were on the spot. This thought leeds to our second thesis: In order to convey the image of a place it isn't necessary to visit this place. Thi s assumption forms the basis of our work. Although none of the shooting was done in a global city, like the two mentioned above, the work conveys the beholder in an abstract manner what constitutes the essence of these cities: electricity, movement/mobility, progress, traffic, urbanism (the architecture and the public space shape the behaviour of the inhabitants), melting pot. The video was made in the Ruhr area, a metropolitan area which was formed by modernism as well. This gave us the opportunity to combine imagined pictures of alien cities with everyday scenes as found right on the doorstep.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012
Eventother - Galway Fringe Festival, 2012; Portobello Film Festival 2012; Homeland, Damer House Gallery Roscrea 2014
Duration: 1 Jan 2012 → …


  • Urbanity
  • Ruhr Metropole
  • Modernism
  • Architecture


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