Recommended Practices and Final Public Report on Pilots

István Alföldi, István Réthy, Andrew Wilson, Clive Billenness, Anders Bo Nielsen, Phillip Mike Tømmerholt, Alex Thirifays, Hans Fredrik Berg, Terje Pettersen-Dahl, Arne-Kristian Groven, Tarvo Kärberg, Karin Oolu, Raivo Ruusalepp, Ats Rand, Gregor Završnik, Boris Domajnko, Joze Skofljanec, Miguel Ferreira, Zoltán Lux, Mezei JózsefDavid Anderson, Janet Anderson

Research output: Other contribution


This report summarizes pilot activities, achievements and best practice recommendations using the following chapter structure:

Chapter 1 - This introductory chapter.

Chapter 2 - Planning and executing the E-ARK pilots Summary of all pilot related activities in the 3 years of the pilot, from planning to evaluation.

Chapter 3 - Pilot overview A brief overview of the full-scale and additional pilots.

Chapter 4 - Pilot report Summary of the pilot execution and results with recommended practices and further development recommendations. The chapter consists of the following sections for each full-scale pilot:

 Pilot scenario details
 Execution report
 Changes to previous plans
 Feedback report, and
 Recommended practices and lessons learnt.
Chapter 4 ends with an overview of the external evaluations performed by non-EARK member organizations.

Chapter 5 - Pilot evaluation Evaluation of the full-scale pilot against project objectives and success criteria.

Chapter 6 - Referenced documents and web pages

Appendix 1 – Extract from E-ARK Description of Work
Original languageEnglish
TypeProject deliverable
Publication statusPublished - 12 Feb 2018



  • E-ARK
  • Pilot
  • Recommended practices

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