Policy synthesis and integrative report on vulnerable voices

Angela Hart, Niall O’Higgins, Martin Seeleib-Kaiser, Endre Sik

Research output: Working paper


Too often the voices of young people are neglected in the analysis of youth in the labour market. This synthesis report summarises key findings and policy issues identified inWork Package 9 of the STYLE project, which focused on examining the attitudes and aspirations of young people. Our analytical tasks employed a diverse range of methodological approaches, including quantitative statistical analysis, experiments, in-depth interviews and a qualitative participative approach, to examine beliefs and attitudes of young people towards work, families and society. Specifically, we assessed values towards work, the impact of youth unemployment/labour market outsiderness on social capital and political participation as well asaspirations of vulnerable young people in foster care.The reportraises the following issues for policy and practice: a) attitudes between generations relating to work do not differ significantly; b) youth unemployment is an insufficient measure for the labour market condition of young people and its impact; c) institutions matter; d) co-production of research is important in understanding the labour market condition of young people more holistically.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCROME, University of Brighton, Brighton
Publication statusPublished - 31 Aug 2016

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