OsdR of Streptomyces coelicolor and the Dormancy Regulator DevR of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Control Overlapping Regulons

Mia Urem, Teunke van Rossum, Giselda Bucca, Geri F. Moolenaar, Emma Laing, Magda A. Swiatek-Polatynska, Joost Willemse, Elodie Tenconi, Sebastien Regali, Nora Goosen, Colin Smith, Gilles P. van Wezel

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Two-component regulatory systems allow bacteria to respond adequately to changes in their environment. In response to a given stimulus, a sensory kinase activates its cognate response regulator via reversible phosphorylation. The response regulator DevR activates a state of dormancy under hypoxia in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, allowing this pathogen to escape the host defense system. Here, we show that OsdR (SCO0204) of the soil bacterium Streptomyces coelicolor is a functional orthologue of DevR. OsdR, when activated by the sensory kinase OsdK (SCO0203), binds upstream of the DevR-controlled dormancy genes devR, hspX, and Rv3134c of M.tuberculosis. In silico analysis of the S.coelicolor genome combined with in vitro DNA binding studies identified many binding sites in the genomic region around osdR itself and upstream of stress-related genes. This binding correlated well with transcriptomic responses, with deregulation of developmental genes and genes related to stress and hypoxia in the osdR mutant. A peak in osdR transcription in the wild-type strain at the onset of aerial growth correlated with major changes in global gene expression. Taken together, our data reveal the existence of a dormancy-related regulon in streptomycetes which plays an important role in the transcriptional control of stress- and development-related genes.
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere00014-16
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 3 May 2016

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© 2016 Urem et al. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


  • Developmental control
  • Streptomyces
  • dormancy
  • stress response.


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