New guidelines for the perioperative care of people living with frailty undergoing elective and emergency surgery—a commentary

Judith S L Partridge, Jack Ryan, Jugdeep K Dhesi, Tessa Bailey, Claire Barker, Louise Bates, Rachel Bell, Daniele Bryden, Sarah Carter, Andrew Clegg, Simon Conroy, Alison Cowley, Ali Curtis, Beck Diedo, William Eardley, Rachel Evley, Sarah Hare, Adrian Hopper, Nia Humphry, Kate KangaBill Kilvington, Nicholas P Lees, David McDonald, Laura McGarrity, Scarlett McNally, Catherine Meilak, Lawrence Mudford, Catherina Nolan, Lyndsay Pearce, Angeline Price, Amy Proffitt, Vittoria Romano, Shelley Rose, David Selwyn, David Shackles, Eleanor Syddall, Derek Taylor, Sarah Tinsley, Emma Vardy, Jane Youde, The CPOC-BGS perioperative frailty guideline group

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Frailty is common in the older population and is a predictor of adverse outcomes following emergency and elective surgery. Identification of frailty is key to enable targeted intervention throughout the perioperative pathway from contemplation of surgery to recovery. Despite evidence on how to identify and modify frailty, such interventions are not yet routine perioperative care. To address this implementation gap, a guideline was published in 2021 by the Centre for Perioperative Care and the British Geriatrics Society, working with patient representatives and all stakeholders involved in the perioperative care of patients with frailty undergoing surgery. The guideline covers all aspects of perioperative care relevant to adults living with frailty undergoing elective and emergency surgery. It is written for healthcare professionals, as well as for patients and their carers, managers and commissioners. Implementation of the guideline will require collaboration between all stakeholders, underpinned by an implementation strategy, workforce development with supporting education and training resources, and evaluation through national audit and research. The guideline is an important step in improving perioperative outcomes for people living with frailty and quality of healthcare services. This commentary provides a summary and discussion of the evidence informing the standards and recommendations in the published guideline.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberafac237
JournalAge and Ageing
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 27 Nov 2022


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