Letters to the editor: Drawing on Wilcock

Lyn Westcott, Annie Turner , Rebecca Twinley, Anne Roberts

    Research output: Other contribution


    Madam, We read with interest the work of Kosma et al (2013) in the April edition of the journal, presenting an exploration and synthesis of Ann Wilcock's work, and a welcome celebration of her significant theoretical contribution to occupational science and occupational therapy. As a group of academic occupational therapy practitioners who uphold the centrality of occupational science in professional practice, we hope this will stimulate engagement, and re-engagement, with Wilcock's seminal work linking occupation with health, amongst colleagues in all settings. Furthermore, it raises awareness of some important concepts and their potential application, as in the noted work of Bergan-Gander and von Kurthy (2005) that applied the concepts of occupational justice, deprivation and alienation to the lived occupational experiences of gay men and women.

    Kosma et al are to be commended for their extensive scrutiny and examination of Wilcock's work and their initial presentation of a...
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages1
    Publication statusPublished - 2013


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