Island studio triptych

Tom Hammick

Research output: Non-textual outputArtefact


This woodcut was made in response to reading Po Chi-i's moving account of living the simple life in a pavilion on the slopes of Mt Lu, written over 1,100 years ago; and seeing Ogata Korin's sumptuous Red and White Plum Tree folding screen painting, c 1712. The studio in this image, set on an island overlooking a city on the other side of the water, is both an idealization of a cabin retreat set in the wilderness, and acts as a positive metaphor for an existence lived on the edge of society. From such a vantage point, looking in on the world from the outside, this picture is quite a personal account of the position I find myself in; being a somewhat detached observer as artist as well as attempting to keep a family together in the process.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2012

Bibliographical note

Exhibited at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, 18 February to 10 June 2012 in
Dreams of Here (New work by Julian Bell, Tom Hammick and Andrzej Jackowski). See:


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