Inequalities in Communities: the role of community theatre

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“The mental well-being and resilience of vulnerable people is a vital topic for social and human sciences. However, an inclusive approach is missing (Hart et al. 2016), as vulnerable citizens (e.g. on a low income, affected by health conditions) and their families are often underrepresented. Also, when studying individuals in communities, the individual factors are seldom related to contextual multilevel factors (Vitalaki et al. 2018, Guidetti et al. 2018, Ferrara et al.2013).

To address these research gaps, this project aims to involve vulnerable families, studying individual factors, community factors, organisational, political factors and the relationship between different levels’ factors.

Meta-analysis, quantitative and qualitative methods are used. The project aims to link the concept of Action-Research (Lewin 1946) to a cooperative approach to inequalities in the educational sector (Vitalaky 2018).

Meta-analysis and data analysis are conducted to study the impact of a health promotion program on students and teachers’ wellbeing.

The connection between the individual level and macro-levels (relational, organisational, political) is investigated, in relation to well-being and resilience practices.

Results on the link between political/organisation factors, teaching staff well-being and students’ outcome are discussed.

Systematic reviews and qualitative reports on the impact of a resilience project are discussed.

The project is embedded in a broader Research project conducted co-productively by the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice – University of Brighton and Boing Boing, and is devised as a first step of further research activities.”

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 Mar 2022
EventInternational Resilience Revolution Conference - Winter Gardens Conference Centre, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Duration: 30 Mar 202231 Mar 2022


ConferenceInternational Resilience Revolution Conference
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
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