How to Write a Novel and Get It Published: A Small Steps Guide

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Brimming with ideas but struggling to fill a page? Afraid you’ll start another book only to file it away with other half-finished projects? Overwhelmed and in need of a productive plan that will keep you sane? Accomplished wordsmith, speaker, and editor Louise Tondeur has spent over two decades helping countless creative writing students move past self-doubt and hit the ground running on their literary journey. Now she’s here to show you how to take your vision and break it into manageable steps so you’ll stop staring at an empty screen and type “The End” on a polished manuscript.

How to Write a Novel and Get It Published is your easy-to-digest guide for building confidence and flourishing as a storyteller. Packed with tips for developing skills one step at a time while demystifying the process, Tondeur breaks down every detail using bite-size paragraphs and hands-on exercises. And by practicing these proven techniques, you’ll no longer think of yourself as a wannabe and find the courage to master the art of crafting compelling fiction.
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Publication statusPublished - 17 Dec 2017

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