Gypsy, bonsai Man, and Sistine Chapel

Mikey Cuddihy

Research output: Other contribution


Reviewing the anthology in The Guardian, in January 2007, Adrian Searle says: 'Mikey Cuddihy's stories have the same uncomfortable atmosphere as her paintings. She is a natural and inventive writer'. Her research focused on the differences and similarities between writing and painting and her short, autobiographical, reflective narratives that have accompanied her installations and paintings have led to fictional works in their own right. Cuddihy’s three interlocking stories in this output employ a descriptive narrative, focusing on objects, clothing and contrasting environments, her fictional attention to the rich tapestry of the everyday mirroring the exploration of colour, texture and ornament in her visual work. Her story telling, whether in terms of atmosphere, setting or presentation of a psychological state, mirrors her art. This anthology, the result of a collaboration between the Arts Council of England and Serpents Tail (an independent publishing company), brought together a 'unique collection of fiction by 17 of Britain's leading contemporary British artists, among them Jake Chapman, Balraj Khana, Ian Breakwell and Edward Allington, in a publication funded by the Arts Council and the Elephant Trust. Entitled 'The Alpine Fantasy of Victor B and Other Stories', ('a haunting exploration of the impulses that drive today's artists') it was launched at Tate Britain in December 2006, with readings by Cuddihy and others. The anthology is available at the Tate Gallery Bookshop. In May 2007, the artist was invited to take part in WAIF (Women's Art International Festival) in Cumbria, along with Ali Smith, Kate Pullinger and other more established writers, where she read her short stories and took part in a panel discussion. Reviews included Mark Lawson on Radio 4, November 2006; Vogue, December 2006; Adrian Searle, 'Watch-Words', The Guardian, 6 January 2007; and Garageland, issue 4, 2007.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDaly, E and Akerman, J. (Eds) The Alpine Fantasy of Victor B & Other Stories. Serpents Tail, 2006
Place of PublicationUK
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2006


  • Narrative Fiction
  • Anthology


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