Guidance on Conducting and Supervising Community-Oriented Psychology Research During COVID-19

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This document comprises (1) pedagogical guidance, (2) research design resources, and (3) signposting to key ethics policies for use by student researchers and supervisors of community-oriented psychology research (primarily, but not exclusively, in the fields of community psychology and critical health psychology).

This document was originally drafted for use by supervisors and students undertaking a Dissertation on a MA in Community Psychology at the University of Brighton in the UK. The phrasing employed (e.g., student researchers) reflects this. Specifics of pedagogical policy that would not be of interest outside this context (e.g., submission deadlines) have been removed, but others have been retained to optimise this document’s utility in providing pedagogical support and guidance.

Please feel free to use and adapt whatever is helpful to you (citing as appropriate) and leave what is not. The decisions made by the author may not be appropriate for your own situation, but they are presented to you as one option for proceeding in the current public health context.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline document
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 21 Apr 2020


  • Teaching and learning
  • Research supervision
  • Community Psychology
  • critical health psychology
  • Participatory Action Research
  • collaborative research
  • Visual methods
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Remote data collection


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