From shouters to supporters: Quality Education Project - final evaluation report

David Stephens, C. Harber

Research output: Other contribution


One of Save the Children Norway's education programmes, the Quality Education Project is a pilot focusing on training teachers and teacher educators to become reflective of their own teaching in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom. There have been two main aims, namely the development of a model of change that can be adapted to varying national and local contexts; and the bridging of the gap between teacher change and an improvement in pupil learning outcomes. This report presents the findings of the evaluation of that Project, following assessment of QEP as experienced at various levels of the education system in the four countries (Ethiopia, Zambia, Mozambique, Simbabwe), specifically the teachers' college, the district office, in the school, and within the community.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSave the Children Norway
Number of pages119
Place of PublicationOslo, Norway
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2009


  • QEP, quality education, reflective practice, teaching, learning, Africa, reflection


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