Food intolerance and the food industry

Taraneh Dean

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Since the early 1990s public awareness of the devastating effects of food intolerance and allergies has risen rapidly. The food industry has had to act quickly to understand the issues involved and formulate a plan of action. This book will provide an invaluable insight into the complexities of food intolerance as well as practical solutions to the problems of producing, labelling, storing and distributing foods that contain potentially life-threatening allergens. Expert information about food intolerance, allergies, aversions and sensitivities including: Definitions, diagnostic tests, symptoms and treatments Detecting, handling and storing food allergens The legal responsibilities of food manufacturers Dr Taraneh Dean has produced a book that approaches the issue of food intolerance from an industry rather than clinical perspective, providing the reader with detailed clinical information within an industry context. Contributors have been drawn from the medical world as well as that of commercial food research and production. They include authors from Nestle, Leatherhead Food Research Association, The David Hide Asthma and Allergy Centre and St Mary's Hospital, London. The opening chapter of Food intolerance and the food industry explains the key terminology and mechanisms of food intolerance and food allergy. This is followed by an examination of the legal situation which provides full details of current legislation including the ambiguous area of 'due diligence'. After this there are a series of chapters that provide full details of the diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of food intolerance followed by another set which examine the key issues for food manufacturers (including GMP and HACCP). There are an abundance of references for further research, including an entire chapter devoted to support organisations which explores the level of collaboration such organisations receive from food manufacturers and retailers. Finally, given the increasing scale of the problem, the book is concluded with an exploration of the epidemiology of food intolerance. This final chapter covers problems of definition, patterns of growth and likely future trends. This unique book is set to become an indispensable guide for Production Managers and Nutritionists within the food industry as well as providing an authoritative source of current information for all those concerned with understanding and managing food intolerance.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationCambridge
PublisherWoodhead Publishing
Number of pages231
ISBN (Print)9781855734975
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2000

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NameWoodhead Publishing series in food science, technology and nutrition


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