Essays on Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policy

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This doctoral dissertation consists of four stand–alone papers, each investigating some topics of particular importance to answer the question whether Active Labour Market Policy (ALMP) increases the employment chances of the people they seek to help.

Chapter 1 (“The Evaluation of active labour market policy in Germany: A survey”) summarises the state of the art of ALMP evaluation in Germany.

Chapter 2 (“Microeconomic evaluation of further training in East Germany based on observational data”) analyses how far the choice of the evaluation methodology influences the estimated ALMP effects.

Chapter 3 (“Using social insurance data for the evaluation of active labour market policy: Employment effects of further training for the unemployed in Germany”) re–examines the effects of ALMP using reliable social insurance data instead of general household panel surveys.

Chapter 4 analyses macroeconomic effects of ALMP in Germany and compares the outcomes with programmes in the United Kingdom (“The aggregate impact of active labour market policy in Germany and the UK: Evidence from administrative data”).
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages226
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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PublisherUniversity of Mannheim

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