Ecología política feminista: perspectivas situadas, compromisos emergentes

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This article provides a reflexive overview of developments in Feminist Political Ecology, a field of research and praxis that offers diverse theorisations of social relations of power associated with natures, culture and economies, underpinned by a shared commitment to feminist epistemology, methods and values. With reference to a small, illustrative selection of research papers, I present a situated and consciously partial commentary on Anglophone contributions that I have found resonant in my own research practice, teaching and everyday life. The development of feminist political ecology is considered across four related areas: first, the gender dynamics of resource access and dispossession; secondly, debates around post-humanism, bodies and matter; thirdly, activist and academic considerations of sufficiency, practices of commoning and a feminist ethics of care; and finally, recent efforts to develop a decolonial feminist political ecology. My aim is to show the kinds of questions and concerns that each of these threads raises, as platforms for continuing critical debate.
Original languageEnglish
JournalEcologia Politica
Publication statusPublished - 10 Jan 2018

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  • ecology
  • feminist politics
  • gender
  • posthumanism
  • common
  • decolonization


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