Detailed Pilots Specification

István Alföldi, István Réthy, Sven Schlarb, Clive Billenness, David Anderson, Janet Anderson, Anders Bo Nielsen, Phillip Mike Tømmerholt, Alex Thirifays, Hans Fredrik Berg, Terje Pettersen-Dahl, Arne-Kristian Groven, Tarvo Kärberg, Karin Oolu, Raivo Ruusalepp, Ats Rand, Gregor Završnik, Joze Skofljanec, Miguel Ferreira, Zoltán LuxMezei József

Research output: Other contribution


The Electronic Archiving Service consists of a series of activities covered by software tools and manual workflow steps. These tools are currently partly in existence, some are being developed by E-ARK project, many more are to be added by developments of the digital preservation community in the future. The role of this report is to identify the most relevant scenarios for the E-ARK Service, define which scenario which level of activity is needed in order to bridge the gap of the currently existing solutions (e.g. integration, software development, interface definition)
Original languageEnglish
TypeProject deliverable
Publication statusPublished - 10 Feb 2018


  • E-ARK
  • Pilot


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