Decolonising The History Curriculum: Euro-centrism and Primary Schooling

Marlon Moncrieffe

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    This book calls for a reconceptualisation and decolonisation of the Key Stage 2 national history curriculum. The author applies a range of theories in his research with White-British primary school teachers to show how decolonising the history curriculum can generate new knowledge for all, in the face of imposed Eurocentric starting points for teaching and learning in history, and dominant white-cultural attitudes in primary school education. Through both narrative and biographical methodologies, the author presents how teaching and learning Black-British history in schools can be achieved, and centres his Black-British identity and minority-ethnic group experience alongside the immigrant Black-Jamaican perspective of his mother to support a framework of critical thinking of curriculum decolonisation. This book illustrates the potential of transformative thinking and action that can be employed as social justice for minority-ethnic group children who are marginalized in their educational development and learning by the dominant discourses of British history, national building and national identity.

    This is an important book at a time when colleagues across education are scrutinising their work, seeking to increase diversity and to build a balanced equitable learning experience for all. Moncrieffe argues for the importance of building critical consciousness with regard to ethnicity. His original research with Primary PGCE students reveals the Eurocentricity of many trainee teachers. He illustrates the way in which this viewpoint without disruption through consideration of alternative stories, will continue to inform future teaching in their classrooms. Moncrieffe shows how important it is to view history through a cross-cultural lens. He reflects on events in recent history in this country and shows how they may be considered differently. I recommend this book to all those training to teach and to those keen to revisit their predisposed assumptions about what should be taught in the primary history curriculum.
    Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive, The Chartered College of Teaching

    Marlon Moncrieffe’s book is a timely, and above all, a practical guide to the transformation of Britain’s primary school history curriculum. It will be an invaluable tool for teachers and trainers as well as a map for future debates over the importance of history in the making of national identity.
    Professor Paul Gilroy, Director of the Centre for the Study of Race and Racism at University College London
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherPalgrave Pivot
    Number of pages94
    ISBN (Electronic)9783030579456
    ISBN (Print)9783030579449
    Publication statusPublished - 8 Dec 2020


    • Black-British
    • History
    • Primary education
    • Decolonising
    • Curriculum


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