Basics Design 07: Grids

Gavin Ambrose, Paul Harris

Research output: Book/ReportBook - authored


The seventh book in the award-winning "Basics Design" series, "Grids" focuses on the construction and ordering of the page and screen through the use of the grids. The grid features as a strong element in many areas of design, and presents both the student and practitioner alike with the opportunity to ground their work in solid foundations. This book explores not only how to construct grids, but, more fundamentally, why a designer should construct grids at all. Through detailed investigation of the principles behind grid design, this book will inform and advance your understanding of this key design component, allowing you to devise grids with ease and precision for any situation. Contemporary work is supported by concise descriptions, technical expansions and diagrammatic visualisations, enabling the reader to fully understand the work being discussed. True to the other books in the "Basics Design" series, "Grids" is an example in its own right. A reference section, set on a series of different grids, demonstrates the principles discussed in earlier chapters, and the book will serve as a valuable resource and companion to other books in the series. This book is suitable for students of graphic design and established professionals, general public wishing to learn more about design basics, and anyone interested in developing their design skills and knowledge of modern graphics solutions.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLondon
PublisherAVA Publishing
Number of pages176
ISBN (Print)9782940439133
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jun 2008


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