Antecedents of green supply chain practices in developing economies

Arvind Upadhyay

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    Purpose: This paper investigates the current state of green supply chain practices (GSCPs) and also introduces a framework for the implementation of GSCPs in India. Design/methodology/approach: A case study approach was used for this research in which semi-structured interviews were conducted with three companies. These companies were automobile component manufacturing companies. Findings: In the three case studies, there were different antecedents depending upon the specific company structure and organization. The ten GSCPs were used as a base for finding the antecedents. Research limitations/implications: Although every step has been taken to ensure the rigour and reliability of case studies, in a field as complex as GSCPs, there are inevitably some limitations. Due to the limited size of the case study approach, the results can only be generalized to a similar size and types of organization. The scope of data collection for all three case studies was the same, but the quality of information gathered varied. As demonstrated earlier, a good-quality cross-case analysis was still possible, but the relative strengths of the three cases varied. Practical implications: A double contribution has been made to test the theory of GSCPs from a process and output perspective. From a process perspective, a contribution has been made to methodology by developing a robust approach for conducting supply chain research beyond the dyad. From an output perspective, the author has the empirical results from the three individual case studies and their cross-case comparison for dissemination to an academic audience. Originality/value: The outputs of this research work will pave a path for other automobile component manufacturing companies in India to address and implement GSCPs.

    Original languageEnglish
    JournalManagement of Environmental Quality: An International Journal
    Publication statusPublished - 20 Oct 2020

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    • Green supply chain
    • Emerging economies
    • Antecedents of green supply chain
    • Supply chain
    • Supply chain management


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