Analysis of the Synergistic Effect of Data Analytics and Technology Trends in the AEC/FM Industry

Shahrzad Mansouri, Fadi Castronovo, Reza Akhavian

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Technological advancements focusing on effective and efficient information modeling, visualization, resource tracking, and collaboration have gained substantial traction in the architectural, engineering, construction, and facility management (AEC/FM) industry in the last 10 years. The use of advanced technologies has resulted in safer jobsites hosting more productive project teams building more sustainable and resilient facilities and infrastructure. Recently, the innovative use of data and analytical approaches has had a major positive effect on a variety of businesses by incorporating data-driven applications and approaches. However, the AEC/FM industry is still lagging behind many other industries in leveraging the true power of data. Data analytics concepts and tools integrated with emerging construction trends such as building information modeling (BIM) have a high potential to revolutionize industry practices. This paper consolidates the record of current efforts in the AEC/FM body of knowledge (BOK) and body of practice (BOP) that incorporate the use of Data Analytics with common Technology Trends in various Application Areas. Identifying common subsections of each category, a three dimensional evidenced taxonomy was developed that maps (1) Data Analytics concepts such as cloud computing and machine learning onto, (2) AEC/FM emerging trends such as BIM and automation, and (3) existing and potential AEC/FM applications such as safety and progress monitoring. To further expand the validity of the results and explore opportunities and potential, a survey with the same categorization was developed and distributed among industry experts. Comparing the results of the exploration of the BOK and the survey illustrated the popularity of BIM among industry practitioners and in academic research. Also, process efficiency and productivity improvement were the two Application Areas that demonstrated the most potential to benefit from the integration of Data Analytics and Technology Trends. Analysis of the survey results indicated that, with a 95% confidence level, there is no statistically significant difference among the Technology Trends or Application Areas, as identified in the literature, that can benefit from Data Analytics. The results presented in this study demonstrate evidence of the revolutionizing power of Data Analytics in the AEC/FM industry.

Original languageEnglish
Article number04019113
JournalJournal of Construction Engineering and Management
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 23 Dec 2019

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