Alchemical Streaming

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'Alchemical Streaming', a vocal performance installation, was exhibited in Framed, a group show at the Slade Centre for Electronic Media (London 2006), showcasing new and existing projects, including established artists such as Thompson and Craighead, Simon Faithfull and Susan Collins, as part of node.London: the collective presentation of London wide media arts, ( 'Alchemical Streaming' was the second in a series representing an original use of the specificity of the Internet broadcast delay as a choreographic and compositional tool, in which a live and encoded feedback loop is projected in the physical space of the gallery allowing each previous movement to be seen and each previous voice to be heard, creating a delayed hall of mirrors, both visual and sonic. The first of the series, 'Delayed Dreaming' was presented at Slade School of Fine Art, June 2002, received the Slade’s Clare Winston Award for emerging artists, and was subsequently commissioned by Low-fi, for DMZ, Media Festival, London, 14–15 November 2003. 'Alchemical Streaming' (London, 2006) sought to draw the messy worlds of magic together with the prosaic and hard edges of the digital. The relationship between alchemy, performance and technology was developed with a series of watercolour paintings, based on alchemical emblems from Atalanta Fugiens by Alchemist Michael Maier in 1617. These were exhibited in Hydrophobia II, a group show at ‘Zinger Presents’ (Netherlands, 2006), including emerging and established artists such as Tim Stoner, Markus Vater, Francesca Lowe and Julie Verhoeven ( The cultural implications of the echo in a site-specific context is being developed in the Oolith Project, a collaboration with artists Conall Gleeson and Claudia Kappenberg, and in partnership with Portland Sculpture Quarry Trust, for which a research residency in August 2007 was funded by the Faculty Research Support Fund.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSlade Research Centre, London
Place of PublicationWoburn, London
Publication statusPublished - 23 Mar 2006


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