5G Enabled Mobile AI and Human Centred Edge Services: (That Chipset Thing)

Karen Cham

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If 5G enabled Mobile Edge Computing faciliates an exponential growth in interactivity - enabling the much vaunted smart homes, smart cities, autonomous vehciles and the like - where is the User in this dialogue ? Even in remote stations - for example the robots that went to Mars - there are human beings as stakeholders in the computational ecosystem. What happens if the eponymous fridge that orders my milk is as stupid as autocorrect is on my phone ? How do we design for three dimensions of so interactivity ?What happens to human factors, service design, eCommerce ? The ideology, privacy and ethics of future societies ? Professor Karen Cham unpacks what this needs to look like as the digital transformation of telecoms leads to the full stack digital transformation of society.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 16 Nov 2021
Event5G Briefing - Scandic Frankfurt Museumsufer, Frankfurt, Germany
Duration: 16 Nov 202117 Nov 2021


Conference5G Briefing
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