Water Reuse Applications for Southern Water Phase II

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    Changes to our climate are having a profound affect on global water resources. For example alterations in the frequency, distribution of rainfall and rising temperatures, combined with a rising world population expected to reach 9.5 billion by 2050 and increasing demand for agricultural products such as livestock.

    In response, water reuse is becoming an increasingly important way of meeting water demand whilst protecting water resources such as rivers and lakes from over-abstraction. This project in collaboration with Southern Water and water reuse specialists in the US seeks to develop approaches for assessing and determining the most effective reuse technologies for Southern England. It involves testing different reuse technologies in order to see how effectively they can remove harmful microorganisms in order to minimise risk to human health and the environment.

    The project will investigate previously identified state-of-the-art water reuse innovations, in order to better understand the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to successfully embed such water reuse solutions within Southern Water. This approach allows Southern Water to develop site-specific data that can be used in collaboration with the regulatory agencies (e.g. OFWAT and EA) who are responsible for formulation of requirements for reuse practices.

    It will involve investigating various treatment solutions, processes or operational conditions so as to minimise risks associated with application of innovative reuse technologies.

    The project will support the production of water with quality characteristics appropriate for various reuse practices. This will be achieved during Phase II by bench-scale testing at the University of Brighton and will offer a platform for Southern Water to test and validate treatment technologies (and combinations of technologies in treatment trains). This work, in conjunction with collaborative efforts of partners on this project, will enable 'proof of performance' that the required water quality for water reuse options can be practically achieved, whilst protecting human health and the environment.

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    Short titleWater Reuse phase II
    Effective start/end date1/05/1930/06/20


    • Southern Water


    • Reuse
    • Water sources protection


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