Project Details


This project co-designed and collaboratively devised methods to support sustainable development and a range of social and cultural opportunities through re-making with waste in a township community in South Africa.

Through a range of collaborative creative methods this project sought to reverse the negative environmental, social and health impacts of poor waste management through co-creating new products made from waste.

Key findings

The project helped develop a host of new ‘circular economy’ enterprises, whilst producing insights into the value of both remote and in person creative collaboration methods in the re-interpretation waste materials. It revealed the diverse ‘spin-out’ social, cultural (as well as environmental) benefits afforded as a consequence of more circular material methods and creative reengagement with waste.
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19


  • co-design
  • waste
  • circular economy
  • sustainable design
  • Sustainable Materials


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