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Gambling and associated harms can have a significant impact on the health of many people and is considered a public health issue. Research on LGBTQ+ gambling and gambling harms is limited and the research that is available reports mixed findings about the level of gambling harms in LGBTQ+ people. This study aims to understand gambling and gambling harms in LGBTQ+ communities. The research objectives are:

> To establish the prevalence of gambling and gambling harm amongst LGBTQ+ communities in Great Britain
> To explore the lived experience of gambling and gambling harms in LGBTQ+ people
> To explore the types of gambling engaged in by LGBTQ+ communities
> To explore the wider impacts of gambling for LGBTQ+ people (e.g. financial harm, negative impact on relationships and work)
> To understand the drivers of gambling harms experienced by LGBTQ+ communities with a specific focus on marginalisation and social exclusion
> To understand the protective factors against gambling harm in LGBTQ+ people
> To understand the facilitators and barriers to accessing support for gambling harms.

The study consists of a mixed-methods design including:
> Phase 1 a large-scale nationally representative survey of gambling and gambling harms in LGBTQ+ communities in Great Britain.
> Phase 2 provides in-depth insight into the lived experience of gambling harms in LGBTQ+ communities via two qualitative studies: i) a follow-up with participants from the national survey who experience some level of gambling harm, using a combination of an online community with journaling tasks and in-depth telephone or Zoom interviews; and ii) targeted community outreach via photovoice participatory action research to understand gambling and gambling harms in LGBTQ+ people from intersecting marginalised communities.
> Phase 3 involves i) integration of both phases of the research, and ii) a consultation event (combined with a dissemination event) with key stakeholders to develop recommendations for service delivery for LGBTQ+ people experiencing gambling harms.

Meaningful involvement of LGBTQ+ community groups and LGBTQ+ people with lived experience of gambling harms is prioritised in each phase of the research.
Short titleLGBTQ+ Gambling harms
Effective start/end date15/04/2414/10/25


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