Towards hydrocitizenship: Connecting communities with and through responses to interdependent, multiple water issues

  • Church, Andrew (PI)
  • Gearey, Mary (CoI)
  • Ravenscroft, Neil (CoI)
  • Jones, Owain (CoPI)
  • Coates, Peter (CoI)
  • McEwen , Lindsey (CoI)
  • Buser, Michael (CoI)
  • Evans, Graeme (CoI)
  • Edizel, Ozlem (CoI)
  • Orchard-Webb, Johanne (CoI)
  • Penrhyn Jones, Sara (CoPI)
  • Plows, Alexandra (CoI)
  • Payne, Tom (CoI)
  • Bottoms, Stephen (CoPI)
  • Roe, Maggie (CoI)
  • Dudley, Lyze (CoI)


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