The impact of psychological stress on cancer burden and recurrence of tubovarian cancer and primary peritoneal cancers

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The project aim is to determine if stress hormones can influence tumour recurrence by

1) inducing proliferation and invasion directly on cancer cells, manifesting in increased spread and

2) suppressing the immune system.

The first goal is to test this in a 3D model of ovarian cancer spheroids (mini tumours) and immune cells. The second goal is to conduct a feasibility study in patients with stage 3 or 4 high grade serous ovarian cancer receiving neodjuvant therapy to determine

a) how patient reported stress and cortisol levels change over 12 months and

b) correlate these stress changes with tumour behavior and response to treatment in organoids isolated from patients mid-way through chemotherapy.

The aim is to determine if patients with higher cortisol levels and reported stress measures have a more aggressive disease. The ultimate goal is to track those patients in a follow-on study and explore if patients with high stress levels experience an early recurrence.
Effective start/end date1/08/2110/01/23


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