The Everyday Creativity Network: Developing Understandings, Methods and Applications Across Boundaries

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The Everyday Creativity Network is funded by the AHRC and was established to understand, recognise and critically apply the value of everyday creativity.

‘Everyday creativity’ is characterised by quotidian day-to-day actions that are often understood in terms of little and mini ‘c’ creativity; the former focusing on observable creative actions/products and the latter on more fleeting interpretive and transformative aspects of thought. This acts as something of a challenge to the more typical focus on creativity as an elite pursuit carried out by geniuses in the arts and other fields.

The network seeks to research and communicate these vital quotidian practices, while investigating the meanings, processes and possibilities behind them. Following a successful and inspiring conference held at the University of Brighton in 2022, the network seeks to support the unfolding, broadening and democratising of creative processes within the general population, advancing definitions and understandings of creativity in day-to-day lives and enabling future research pathways to be delineated, while contributing to policy debates.

Helen Johnson is working with Prof Owen Evans (Edge Hill), Nick Ewbank (CAW Associate Member) and partners in the Academy, community and voluntary sector and in local/national Government, building a robust inter-disciplinary, cross-sector network exploring understandings/applications of everyday creativity.

The two-year funded period of network development includes a series of sandpits and a final conference, with work towards a policy document and an edited volume with community partners.

The network welcomes to all who seek to understand the creative process and value new ways of thinking, doing and becoming, with an aim to bring together individuals and institutions, researchers, practitioners and the wider public from across the UK and beyond, in order to recognise, research, support and critically unpack the role of creativity in our everyday lives.

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Short titleEveryday Creativity Research Network
Effective start/end date14/11/2213/11/24


  • AHRC


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