Surface functionalised nanostructured carbon sorbents for health and the environment

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This project was a two year research and knowledge exchange programme funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. The project was coordinated by Dr Carol Howell at the University of Brighton, with two Kazakhstan collaborators; academic partner the Institute for Combustion Problems, Al-Farabi University (KazNU) and industrial partner Jalyn, Almaty.

The partners worked together to characterise and develop novel nanostructured carbon sorbents (NCS) prepared by carbonisation of the large-scale renewable material rice husk and through knowledge transfer visits and networking sessions assess their potential as oral adsorbents for medical applications and as novel environmental solutions.

The project aimed to synthesise modified NCS from rice husk followed by surface functionalization in order to increase adsorption capacity. The physico-chemical and adsorption properties of the NCS towards marker toxins will be investigated and through a researcher training network; knowledge transfer trips; and collaborative networking sessions, we will identify innovative healthcare and environmental applications for the NCS.

In parallel, the knowledge transfer visits provided opportunities for KazNU partner staff to develop mentorship links, strategies for greater industrial involvement in course design with input from the industrial partner Jalyn, new teaching methodologies, and public engagement activities through networking, conferences and training.

Key findings

Alongside the research findings, events were held in Brighton to disseminate the knowledge the partnership had created and build the collaboration.
Big Bang Chemistry show

On June 9 2016 our three visitors from Kazakhstan, Dr Jakpar Jandosov, Dr Dmitriy Chenchick and Mr M Kerimkulova from the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and the company Jalyn who were visiting the University of Brighton as part of our Royal Academy of Engineering project, participated in our STEM outreach activity at Roedean School Brighton.

The Big Bang Chemistry show is hosted by Professor Hal Sosabowski and his team and is an explosive fun and colourful science show demonstrating the power of chemistry.

Our visitors got to experience the show and join Hal on the stage to take a cold nitrogen shower.

Networking Event 6 June 2016

The three Kazak visitors from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Jalyn, participated in a network event with members of research and academic staff and students from the Schools of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences and School of Environment and Technology.

Dr Jakpar Jandosov presented their work on developing activated carbon materials from rice husk, and the participants discussed potential healthcare and environmental applications of the materials.
Effective start/end date1/04/1528/02/18


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