Supporting contraception and parenting choices and associated mental health among asylum seeking and citizen care leavers

  • Edelman, Natalie (PI)

Project Details


This study will seek to identify recommendations to support the mental and sexual health of young care leavers who are asylum seekers or citizen care leavers.

The study will comprise an evidence review of existing interventions, a qualitative interview study with young care leavers and focus groups with stakeholders. It will involve ten care leavers each sharing experiences, opinions and recommendations on delivering contraception advice and supply, making choices about pregnancy, accessing abortion and experience of early parenthood. The research also involves finding information on any interventions that already exist that support this kind of help.

This proposal fits three of the six KSS ARC themes: 'Coproduction', 'Starting Well' and 'Public Health', the latter of which focuses on supporting young people at times of transition. It meets the ARC aim of delivering research that addresses the health and social care needs prevalent in the Kent Surrey & Sussex region.
Short titleSupporting Care Leaver Contraception & Parenthood Empowerment
Effective start/end date1/04/22 → 31/03/23


  • contraception
  • abortion
  • care leavers
  • parenthood
  • pregnancy
  • mental health


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