Realising the potential of collaborative arts-based research

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This research seeks to develop and realise the potential of a 'collaborative poetics' methodology, through the activities of an inter-disciplinary working group of: scholars from the social sciences, arts, humanities and business; independent arts practitioners; and representatives from local government and third sector groups.

Collaborative Poetics was founded in a promising National Centre for Research Methods-funded pilot at McGill University, which used poetry to enrich understandings of discrimination experiences (Johnson et al, 2017 a,b). It is a transformative, participatory, arts-based research method, which draws on expertise from artists and academics to facilitate participatory research.

Co-researchers use the approach to explore and illuminate real-world social problems, in ways which are theoretically/methodologically robust, innovative and accessible/meaningful to a wide audience.
Effective start/end date1/06/1831/03/19


  • ISRF - Independent Social Research Foundation


  • creative methods, arts based research, poetic inquiry, participatory reseearch, substance misuse, coaching


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