Randomised Evaluation of Sexual health Promotion Effectiveness informing Care and Treatment

  • Edelman, Natalie (CoI)

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People with serious mental illness (SMI) experience long term, relapsing mental health problems that require ongoing support from NHS mental health services.

Those with SMI, like everyone else, hope to have safe and satisfying sexual relationships, and indeed this is an important part of building a life of recovery from mental illness. However, they are more at risk of sexually acquired infections such as HIV and hepatitis B (and C) and more likely to face violence and exploitation in their relationships.

The RESPECT project developed a package of care (intervention) that is relevant to the needs of people with SMI in the UK, and evaluated whether it was practical, whether it is acceptable and useful for people it is aimed at. This feasibility study aimed to examine the practical issues in establishing such a study to iron out any problems before funding is sought to do a much larger randomised control trial study.

Key findings

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Short titleSexual health promotion for severe & enduring mental illness
Effective start/end date1/02/1631/01/18


  • NIHR


  • Severe & Enduring Mental Illness
  • sexual health
  • psychiatry


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