Privacy Labs

  • Mouratidis, Haris (PI)

    Project Details


    The Privacy Labs project aims to develop a modelling language and a software tool to automate privacy related processes to support DevOps teams to incorporate privacy in an efficient way in the software lifecycle process.

    The underlying privacy-by-design focused modelling language, will be based on principles of requirements engineering, privacy engineering, threat modelling and trust analysis. The language will enable visual representation and modelling of privacy requirements, threats and privacy enhancing technologies to mitigate the identified threats.

    The software tool will provide multiple views to inform different stakeholders (DevOps, Data Protection Officers, CEOs) on privacy issues and violations, and it provides privacy-by-design reporting capabilities to enable organisations to comply with relevant laws and regulations (such as GDPR).
    Effective start/end date3/09/1818/01/19


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