Millennium Challenge Corporation/Abt - Namibia Tourism Research and Evaluation Project

  • Novelli, Marina (PI)

Project Details


The MCC Namibia Tourism Performance Impact Evaluation project was aimed at assessing the impact and legacy of the MCC $304.5 million Compact support to the Government of the Republic of Namibia (GRN) received in 2008 to reduce poverty through economic growth.

Novelli was appointed by Abt (USA) to led a team of 5 researchers, conduct field work and stakeholders' consultations in Namibia and deliver a report as a key part of the MCC Monitoring and Evaluation process.

Key findings

This evaluation project measured performance and determined the project’s sustainability through qualitative interviews, indicators, and on-the-ground observations.

It also examined website data alongside national statistics to establish time series trends. The evaluation shows MCC and Namibian collaborators how the project’s contributions can inform future efforts to tackle challenges at the intersection of tourism and economic growth.
Short titleNamibia Tourism Impact Evaluation
Effective start/end date18/09/1831/03/20


  • Abt Associates


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