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This AHRC and Design Museum Future Laboratory Design Challenge engages design as an active agent in changing the nature of a commercial, consumer company by collaborating on the redesign of products, services and systems.

This project uses collaborative design techniques to support a material based SME to transition towards a NetZero+ business

Key findings

The project used creative workshops and programmes of (re)design in support of knowledge exchange and creative reflection on means to achieve carbon zero products and servces. It revealed the practical methodological value in investigating both the material and (consumer) cultural contexts for meeting NetZero+ carbon emission targets.

By reframing material products (jewellery) as a 'social service' the team were able to engage design interventions to reduce carbon whilst seeding systems in support of extended product lifespans. The project helped redesign best selling product’s ecosystems and resourcing flows in support of carbon neutrality and more sustainable material making methods in addition to enhanced user / retailer experiences.
Effective start/end date1/10/2131/05/22


  • Sustainability
  • sustainable design
  • Sustainable Materials
  • product design
  • NetZero


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