Low Carbon Hybrid Advanced Motive Power (CHAMP)

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The CHAMP project was a two-year Interreg IVA France-Manche-Angleterre programme conducted by the Institut de Recherche en Systèmes Electroniques EMbarqués (I.R.S.E.E.M) in Rouen, and the Université de Picardie Jules Verne in Amiens, affiliated to the Institut Français de Méchanique Avancée (IFMA), together with the University of Brighton, to which visiting scholars came to pursue the joint research programme.

The project aimed to develop a low-power high efficiency hybrid power unit aimed at urban micro-cars and non-automotive transport applications. It also focused on advanced control strategies for managing the flow of energy between the various power sources and sinks.

Thomas Devernois visited the University of Brighton between September and December 2010.  His work aimed towards a hybrid solution to automotive power with clear environmental benefits, something notoriously difficult to embed in the civil automobile industries. CHAMP was therefore aiming to demonstrate the efficiency of low-power/ high-rendering that would help towards low-carbon emission goals, potentially in urban micro-vehicles, alternative transport and energy production. In order to meet the objectives, the project considered multiple sources of energy production including solar, wind and the recuperation of electrical energy.

The University of Brighton's Automotive Engineering department was internationally regarded for its expertise in internal combustion research, with partnerships that included the biggest names in in motor vehicle development including Jaguar, Delphi and Ricardo. Its role in CHAMP was in the realisation of the hybrid prototype. The exchange visits allowed the partnering universities to benefit from the experience and unrivalled equipment of the department.
Effective start/end date1/01/1031/12/11


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