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    The Sourcepark is a £1.25m indoor BMX and skateboarding destination. It was opened in February 2016 in a disused, underground, disused Victorian swimming baths in Hastings, East Sussex. The programme with the University of Brighton sought to capitalise on this by developing the first formalised coaching framework for BMX freestyle, driving business to the skatepark and to Source's retail store and e-commerce site, and offering opportunities linked to the inclusion of BMX freestyle in the 2020 Olympics.

    The Source, the UK’s number one BMX store, had successfully completed an Innovate UK, Innovation Voucher with Harvey Ells in 2015. As a result of this and as part of the ongoing relationship with the company, in 2016 the company entered into a KTP with academics Dr James Wallis and Harvey Ells, engaging their expertise to develop an innovative coaching framework for freestyle BMX.


There were two aims to the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP): the first aim was to develop a nationally recognised and formalised coaching programme for BMX freestyle; and the second was to link the coaching offer to further diversification and innovation in Source’s existing retail business. 

    In May this year, Richard and Marc Moore, who run The Source (Hastings) Ltd were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2018.


Our approach and expertise

    The Source are continuing to expand their company by developing a regional sports destination in the space. They are anticipating this will attract international riders for a regular series of sport events while creating a year-round indoor experience for BMX riders that is unique to the UK. 

    Over two years, our team reviewed the application of service management sectors including events, hospitality, tourism and sports business management. Furthermore, under the guidance of Dr Wallis, a range of sports coaching programmes were developed to enhance the learning aspects of BMX and skateboarding, encouraging greater levels of participation in both these sports and driving business to the skate park and to Source's retail store and e-commerce site.

    Their work achieved University of Brighton’s Recognising Educational Quality REQ © mark for freestyle BMX and skateboarding. The university also provided two BSc(Hons) Sport Business Management students who were placed within the business, as part of their degrees, working on different elements of the Sourcepark’s offer.

    Key findings

    Summary of knowledge transfer from the university to the company

    The opportunity to guide the design of a coaching framework from scratch is exceptionally exciting, particularly in a creative discipline which is not rule-bound and offers a new insight into sports pedagogy.

    The academic team has a particular interest in junior coaching at grassroots level and the promotion of physical activity, which this project gives a unique entry point to.

    -Certified REQ status for the Coaching Pathway for freestyle BMX and skateboarding as part of the coaching framework being developed for the KTP
    -Development and set up of the Facilitator Course and Level 1 course for freestyle BMX coaching
    -Production of all teaching and learning materials associated with freestyle BMX coaching and skateboarding
    -Consultation on retail aspects within the Source store and across operations and business decision making processes
    Utilising University of Brighton Broadcast Media expertise for live streaming of BMX and skateboarding events.
    Effective start/end date3/10/162/10/18


    • Innovate UK - KTP


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