Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Extech: blazing new trails with business innovation strategy

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    The project will develop and implement a transformative and disruptive business innovation strategy for a company who provide IT Managed Services. The project will help the company to bypass their competition and become a trend setting leader in their market.

    Extech is a Managed Services provider (MSP), delivering comprehensive, proactive IT services and solutions to small, medium and enterprise organisations to boost productivity and performance. Extech’s success comes from taking the time to get to know customers’ businesses, enabling the delivery of a tailored, future-proofed range of professional IT services.

    This project will develop and implement a transformative and disruptive business innovation strategy. The workforce will be mobilised to engage in web-enabled dialogue with customers to demonstrate thought leadership and to drive uptake of proactive digital transformation support.

    This will involve the development of a new business model which will push the company to the forefront of their market, striding ahead of larger and less agile competitors.

    In order to become the go-to provider of IT service support, Extech needed to be able to access expertise on strategic business models which would cement their reputation and help them become the most trusted provider in this field. The project aims to create new skills and achieve cultural adjustments to create market pull – which is one of their key aims.

    Utilising innovation management models and expertise in business strategy, the academic team will experiment with and measure transformational changes to the way that Extech delivers its services.

    This project aims to cement Extech’s position as an influencer in the field of Managed Services providers, by developing a new business model which will disrupt the market and pave the way for them to become a leader.

    Key findings

    Summary of knowledge transfer from the university to the company Expected to be: > capturing best practice and developing a robust method of moving Extech from traditional 'push' marketing to emerging notions of business as 'dialogue and conversation'. > developing mechanisms and behaviours to transform the company into a market leader and influencer >. developing a culture of innovation, inquiry and experimentation >. designing measurable customer attraction experiments to identify new income streams >. developing an evidence-based business strategy for the company to build upon.
    Effective start/end date1/08/1731/07/19


    • Innovate UK - KTP


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