Intelligent Transport for Social Inclusion (ITSSI)

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    The project “Intelligent Transport Solutions for Social Inclusion” (ITSSI) explored the opportunities of intelligent technologies, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and data for community transport services in Brighton and Hove, focusing on older, socially isolated users and social inclusion.

    Data collection, analysis and sharing around the multiple aspects of community transport are of increasing importance for evidencing its benefits, including economic, social, and health, to commissioners, providers and end users. Against the backdrop of the growing importance of data in most aspects of our societies, including local authorities and community transport, many end users of community transport do not have digital/online skills and/or access – making this an especially interesting and challenging area for digital transformation.

    The project was explored through five work packages (WP): WP1 focused on existing community transport services and resources, WP2 engaged with community transport data, WP3 reviewed and analysed intelligent transport for social inclusion from around the globe, WP4 explored case studies of social isolation and WP5 delivered the event ‘Intelligent technologies for community-based transport solutions’.

    ITSSI was interdisciplinary in terms of the academic team, but also in terms of stakeholders, including the local authority, Clinical Commissioning Group, the third sector, as well as the digital and transport industries. The 2016-2017 project was commissioned by Brighton and Hove City Council as one of the projects funded by the regional board “South East Area Transport Solutions” (S.E.A.T.S.) that in turn is funded through the Department for Transport’s UK wide “Total Transport Pilot Fund”.

    Results of the project are of interest for policy, industry and research locally, nationally and internationally with the report outlining implications and further work for areas including policy, transport, mobility, smart and inclusive cities, health, data, digital and innovation.

    Key findings

    the key findings can be found in the project report
    Effective start/end date1/06/1630/04/17


    • Brighton & Hove City Council


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