Hangleton and Knoll Project evaluation 2009-11

  • Robinson, Carol (PI)

Project Details


The Hangleton and Knoll Project is a community charity based in the Hangleton and Knoll ward of Brighton and Hove. The charity’s activities that this project evaluated were aimed at young people who are considered to be at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour.

The project received funding of £30,000 from the Youth Sector Development Fund and involved collecting data relating to the activities provided for young people through observations, interviews and focus groups with young people who had participated in the activities, as well as with those who led the activities.

In this evaluation, our project objectives were to:

> assess the effectiveness and impact of activities provided by the Hangleton and Knoll Project
> develop the project’s capacity and capability to undertake effective monitoring and evaluation themselves.

Key findings

The Hangleton and Knoll project engaged over 360 young people aged 13-19 over the funded period.

Evidence from the evaluation concluded that the impact of the Hangleton and Knoll project’s activities programme was overwhelmingly positive. These outcomes were reported by both young people and by local stakeholders:

> improvements in young people’s self-confidence and wellbeing
> a reduction in antisocial behaviour - evidence of this was reflected in the Summer 2010 crime statistics for the communities of Hangleton and Knoll
> an increased sense of safety on the streets and in local parks
> an increased inter-generational cooperation and building of mutual respect, fostered through projects such as tea dances and local film-making
> a gap in local provision for young people from age eight onwards was identified.

The research team produced an end of project report and presented findings to the Hangleton and Knoll young people’s project team. The Hangleton and Knoll project team gained a more in-depth knowledge of the types of activities in which young people like to engage and which lead to positive outcomes such as those listed above within the findings section.
Effective start/end date1/06/0931/05/11


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