Great Foundations - Understanding health behaviours related to children's foot health and the development of children's feet

  • Morrison, Stewart (PI)

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    Great Foundations is a collaborative initiative being led by the University of Brighton and the University of Salford. The five-year research project will help understand parental views related to children’s foot health and investigate what health and industry professionals know and think about children’s feet.

    There is a poor evidence base underpinning our understanding of how feet develop and what factors (such as body weight and ethnicity) influence this development. There are also some fundamental gaps in our understanding of where parents get their knowledge about foot health, what concerns them, and how health professionals might provide appropriate support. We believe there is a need to embed greater scientific understanding of children’s feet into public health messages for parents, professional practice guidelines and standards, and paediatric health service provision.

    Great Foundations aims to:

    1. Research parent, health professional and industry knowledge and beliefs related to children’s foot health (Project Little FootNotes)

    2. Research the changes in foot structures and function during the development of independent walking (Project Small Steps)

    3. Produce evidence based advice and guidelines to support parents, health professionals and industry make better foot-health decisions.
    Effective start/end date1/03/1628/02/21


    • William Scholl Endowment Fund


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