GENNOVATE - Gendered Dimensions of landscape change amidst oil palm investment in Indonesia

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This project researched the impacts of oil palm investments on landscape and livelihoods in Kalimantan, Indonesia, with a particular focus on the experience of men, women and youth from different ethnic communities.

Key findings

Findings include the experiences of those who have 'ridden the wave' of oil palm as smallholder investors, as well as those for whom oil palm has ruptured access to forests, land and water for subsistence agriculture.

Youth responses indicate a sense of potentially misplaced hope about the opportunities associated with oil palm in the context of a reworking of access to land and forests.
Short titleGender and oil palm in Indonesia
Effective start/end date12/04/1815/07/18


  • oil palm
  • gender
  • youth
  • forestry
  • Indonesia


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