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Everyday creativity explores the role of everyday creativity in support of the health, well-being, resilience and connectivity of care workers across East Sussex.

We are working with care workers across the county and collaborating in the design of everyday creativity activities that may support care workers in their daily personal and professional lives during the COVID pandemic.

Key findings

'Creativity' is a contested term that for some people is intimidating, loaded with connotations of 'artistic' or 'craft' skill and thus can disenfranchise some community members who may benefit from it as an everyday practice.

When seeking to develop creative capacity (in our community of carers) we may, in fact, be seeking to explore and evolve more reflective practices - rather than those overtly associated with artistic endeavours (drawing, painting, making etc).

'Creative prompts, probes and props' may all play a part is supporting individuals in their role as carers as well as in their own lives.
Effective start/end date25/01/2131/05/21



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