European Research Infrastructure for Heritage (E-RHIS)

  • Anderson, Janet (PI)
  • Anderson, David (CoI)

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    E-RIHS (European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science) will help the preservation of the World’s Heritage by enabling cutting-edge research in Heritage Science, liaising with governments and heritage institutions to promote its constant development and, finally, raising the appreciation of the large public for cultural and natural heritage and the recognition of its historic, social and economic significance.

    Starting in 2017, E-RIHS PP runs until 2020. The first two years will be used to address governance, financial aspects, legal documents and logistics. This will lead to a business plan ready for application to ERIC, or to another suitable legal form, by 2019. The last year will be devoted to negotiations with stakeholders, based on the agreed instruments, further strategic planning and to start up of activities for entering the transition phase.

    The main goal of this large project is to enable a wide variety of organisations across Europe and beyond to pool their scientific resources and expertise in order to work together to safeguard our cultural heritage. In concrete terms, this includes, for example, scientific methods to conserve archaeological sites and historic buildings; expert techniques to restore works of art such as paintings in national galleries; 3D rendering techniques to discover hidden messages in historical objects; access to physical and digital archives and collections describing our cultural heritage.

    Key findings

    Short titleE-RHIS
    Effective start/end date1/02/1731/01/20


    • Horizon 2020


    • Digital Cultural Heritage
    • Heritage Science
    • SEAHA


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