Erasmus+ ROMOR

  • Anderson, Janet (PI)
  • Anderson, David (CoI)

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The ROMOR Project aims over the course of three years to build capacity on research output management in four leading higher education institutions in Palestine by establishing Open Access Institutional Repositories (OAIRs).

The training which is required to establish these Institutional Repositories (IRs), and then the implementation, population and management of these repositories forms the core of the Project. Learning outcomes from these activities will also be shared and disseminated in a variety of ways, including the establishment of mechanisms to assist proactively other institutions in setting up and managing repositories.

This project has a key objective of making sure all the research work (academic papers, collections of scientific data etc.) carried out in the 4 pilot Palestinian universities can be safely stored over the long term, and then be accessed again in the future by themselves and other researchers. The successful results will then be rolled out to other Palestinian universities.

Key findings

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Short titleResearch Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories in Palestinian Higher Education.
Effective start/end date15/10/1614/10/19


  • Erasmus+


  • Open Access Repository
  • Persistent Identifier
  • Research Output Management


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