Energy effiency and environment: cross channel cluster (E3C3)

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The INTERREG Energy Effiency and Environment: Cross Channel Cluster (E3C3) project aims to create a centre for research and training focused on the development of knowledge, optimisation strategies and tools for improving energy production systems (burners, engines, gas turbines), for a clean combustion based on consumption of liquid fuels from biomass.

This project consists of four actions:

Action 1: Knowledge and tools development

This action concerns the research activities carried out in different stages of the combustion process, since the phases of fuel production, to emissions. The objective of this works, carried out in strong interaction between partners, is to produce new ways of combustion improvements (efficiency, pollutant emissions, CO2 capture ...) through the development of new knowledge, physical models or innovative techniques.

Action 2: Pilot and feasibility

Combustion process improvement also involves the design and the construction of demonstrators (or pilot) where the knowledge acquired during Action 1 can be used to demonstrate their profits in real configurations (industrial burner, engine). These demonstrators will aim to be both a support for the research and education (Master, PhD) and dissemination activities for the general public in order to raise awareness of this scientific theme.

Action 3: Training

The diffusion of knowledge is the basis of all research activities. In the INTERREG E3C3 project, the training aspect aims not only to enhance traditional teaching activities (by exchange of Channel Master and PhD students, university teachers and partners), but also to provide an overview of issues related to the creation and the use of different energy sources through a European summer school.

Action 4: Communication

This action is closely linked with the two previous actions and integrates all the aspects of communication of such a project, with the general public, and more especially with young students in UK and France.

This new research centre will benefit from strong links with the French MOV’EO automotive cluster and the British automotive consultant Ricardo UK.

This project is co-financed by the EU via ERDF as part of the INTERREG IVa France (Channel) – England programme
Effective start/end date1/04/1331/03/15




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