Digital portfolios in art and design: Aggregating the student voice

  • Wilson, Michael (CoI)
  • Feather, Nick (CoI)
  • Boddington, Anne (PI)

Project Details


The Aggregating the Student Voice project was established in 2012 with funding from the Invest to Gain initiative at the University of Brighton.

It aimed to explore the underlying principles of an institutional provision of self-edited, student profile capabilities and technologies. Based in a department reflecting all creative disciplines across art, design, architecture and media, the impetus was the assessing the potential of a system that might generate image-rich, professionally valuable digital portfolios and personal study and career profiles for creative practitioner students at the University of Brighton.

The scope of the project included the technologies that might be used, the environment that is fostered and the educational provision.

It aimed particularly to benefit students in creative practice disciplines for whom a profile and portfolio is a known tool in moving towards professional practice and a career.

Key findings

Since inception, Aggregating the Student Voice adapted its aims alongside an improved understanding of the requirements and limitations of such a scheme. The project was undertaken at a time of rapid change in the availability and usage of digital systems, particularly tablets, and these changes were reflected in the assessment of technologies and in the focus of the project away from single system tool development and towards the educational and environmental aspects.

The project provided a theoretical platform for the creation of digital art and design portfolios and creative profiles. Several technological platforms came under the experiment, with the university's Mahara-based "Studentfolio" system generating portfolios for use within a teaching and learning environment as a direct result.
Effective start/end date1/01/1230/06/14


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