Developing tourism in Vietnam, Mongolia and Nepal

  • Novelli, Marina (PI)
  • Burns, Peter (CoPI)

Project Details


The Asian Tour ‘European-Asian Integration in Sustainable Tourism Management’ project was initiated in 2006 with EU Asia Invest funding.

The overall project focused on providing technical assistance in capacity building for the tourism sector of three Asian partners (Vietnam, Mongolia and Nepal) through human resources development and synergic international cooperation activities.

The main objectives of the project included:

• developing Asian sustainable tourism and diversified tourism products coherent to the socio-economic local system
• enhancing the Asian capabilities and strategies in exporting quality and sustainable tourism into the European market
• developing of EU-Asia integrated and permanent co-operation between tourism relevant actors at different levels
• raising awareness about the profitable economic impact of tourism within the socio-economic framework of Asian partner countries (Vietnam, Mongolia and Nepal).

Key findings

In July 2008, this project involved a 15-day mission to Vietnam, during which Professor Novelli produced a report on the 'State of the art of tourism development in the Thai Nguyen province' in north-west Vietnam. The report assessed the feasibility of tourism development and identified investment opportunity for the regional tourism market to be used by local government and EU Asia Invest for reference.

In September 2008, Professor Novelli designed and delivered a tourism product development train-the-trainers programme, which was delivered in Kathmandu (Nepal) to a cohort of 33 professionals from the tourism private and public sector. The programme was mainly centred on destination regeneration, product diversification and niche tourism.
Effective start/end date1/09/0631/08/08