Design Writing: Words and Images, Objects and Histories

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Design Writing: Words and Images, Objects and Histories is a series of British Academy-funded international writing workshops, developing the skills of Postgraduate Researchers and Early Career Researchers in the Global South.

It is a collaboration between the Centre for Design History at University of Brighton (Annebella Pollen, Director and Principal Investigator) and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil (Priscila Farias, Co-Investigator). The universities signed a formal 5-year Memorandum of Understanding to develop a series of research exchanges and collaborations.

The British Academy scheme enables British universities and partners in the Global South to work together to develop the skills and career development of researchers in the host country to submit to international academic journals and to learn skills in research bidding.

The Centre for Design History will deliver this particular training on the theme of writing about objects, images and archives, pertinent to the design history interests of both sets of partners, in connection with international English-language academic journal lead editors.
Short titleGCRF
Effective start/end date15/03/2115/03/22


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